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What is Inaam?

Inaam is  Nesto Hypermarket L.L.C’s rewards programme. If you shop often at our outlets across the U.A.E, this programme clusters points which can be redeemed for shopping vouchers. By registering for the Inaam, you get:

  • Free membership for life.
  • Earn monetary gift vouchers.
  • Exclusive offers, including special invitations to in-store activities and sales motions.
How do I get my Inaam Card?

Available at all Nesto outlets at the cash counter or from the customer care.

How do I Register?

There are three different ways to register:

  • Inaam Kiosk available at all outlets where you can register
  • Through online registration on the Inaam website
  • Via mobile app
Is there a minimum spend amount or a joining fee to become a Inaam member?

No. Membership is free for life. Just register and you’re ready to enjoy the programme. Every 5 AED earns you 1 point.

If I shop for less than 5 AED, am I eligible to earn points?

Yes, you will be eligible to earn point.

How safe is my personal information?

Your privacy is critical and thus restricts access to non-public personal information about our members and maintain strict procedural safeguards to protect it.

Does Inaam offer a family membership option?

Inaam gives you 4 cards (1 master card + 3 supplementary) which can be distributed among your family members.

My membership information has changed. How do I update my profile?

You can update your Information’s through the Inaam Kiosk or by logging into your account online or though the Inaam mobile app.

Will my Inaam membership ever become inactive?

Your Inaam membership is considered inactive if there are no transactions in the account for a period of 12 months. This will result in expiry of your card and points earned.

Can I own more than 1 Inaam Card?

You are expected to use only one card at a time. There are 4 cards + 1 virtual card with the same membership number facilitated for your usage, as to earn the utmost points by you and your family. Using multiple membership numbers will divide your points fetching you only the least of rewards. We advise you to stick to one membership number and make the best usage of this programme.


I lost my membership card. How do I get a replacement?

Replacement card costs 5/- AED which will be paid by customer New card can be collected form customer care desk.

If I request a replacement card, will it have the same card number?

For security reason, replacement cards will have a new account number.

If it’s a new card number, what happens to the accumulated points on my old card?

Points from your old card will be carried forward to the new card number.


How do I earn Inaam Points?

Show your Inaam card each time you shop at any of the Nesto Outlets.

How many points do I earn for my purchases?

You earn 1 point on every purchase value of 5 AED. You will be also eligible to earn points if you shop for less than 5 AED. Points calculator is available in Nesto Mobile App, Inaam Rewards Website & Inaam kiosk where you can check the number of points earned on input of a shopping value.

Can I earn and redeem Inaam points across all the Nesto outlets in U.A.E?

Inaam rewards can be earned at all the Nesto Outlets in U.A.E. Redemption have to be made at the same store as voucher printed.

Can I earn Inaam Points if I don’t have my Inaam card in hand?

Yes,You can earn points through Inaam virtual card. To get Inaam virtual card, you have to download Nesto Mobile App.

How long does it take for points to reflect in my account?

Points earned will reflect after 24 hrs. of transaction.

How soon can I redeem my points after purchase?

Points are available for redemption within 24hrs since the purchase is made.

How can I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points only from Inaam Kiosk using your Inaam Master Card only.

If I return a purchase, what happens to the points earned on it?

If you return a purchase for a cash refund or credit note, the Inaam points earned will be reversed from your account. When you present a credit note for another purchase, you qualify to earn Inaam points against that new purchase.

I forgot to present my membership card at the time of purchase. Can I submit any proof of purchase and earn points retrospectively?

There is no way to do so.

How do I check my point balance?

You can check your Inaam points in four ways:

  • Log on to  to check the details yourself. You need to pre-register to access your account information.
  • Nesto Mobile App
  • Inaam Kiosk
  • Points are printed on the purchase bill.
When Inaam card is issued, I will get points for the same transaction?

No. the card gets activated within 24hrs. So points can be earned only from next purchase.


How do I redeem my poins?

You can redeem your Inaam points by visiting any of our Inaam Kiosks.

What do I need to redeem my Inaam?

You need to carry your Inaam master card and feed in the validation code at Inaam Kiosk.

In case of any technical error what if I don’t receive the gift voucher?

Please do not worry; you have not lost any of your points. You can approach our customer service desk and we will be happy to help you. You may also write an email to  for any assistance. Please retain the purchase receipt.

What is the validity of my gift voucher?

1 month since the date of issuance.

Which all are the denominations that I can print Inaam gift voucher?

You can print the gift voucher in denominations of 25 AED, 50 AED & 100 AED.

What should I do if I lose my Inaam Gift Voucher?

There is no option to reprint the voucher as of now. You will loose the points earned.